Along with three decades worth of experience, I have a Master’s degree in special education from Bank Street College of Education and a Master’s of Social Work from Hunter School of Social Work.

My teenage daughter won’t let me borrow any of her favorite books. “You destroy books mom! You bend them, break their spine, write in and sticky them. You kill them!” She has a valid point. 

Seconds after snapping a photo of this squat tower of my treasured books, I realized many were missing. My favorite books are guideposts; so, I tend to devour them. I seek out authors who strive to “create capabilities,” as Martha Nussbaum says. I search for researchers who present evidence that can shift my thinking and improve my practice. Thankfully, there are many dedicated professionals who have taken up the work of improving the state of teaching and learning, of caring for and about other humans. You can find some of these individuals on my Inspirations page.